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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Firstly…WELCOME! to my blog. It is the first one from my side and hope it remains the only one. As it is my very first post I think I should make it a bit of an introductory one.
So why on earth did I decide to start blogging? To be honest; the answer to that is still not clear to me. But a part of me believes that it came naturally.It seems, since my schooldays ended, I have always done something NEW at the end of the academic year. At the end of 0th year at my college – I joined it, at the end of 1st year – I joined the only MMORPG I ever played, at the end of 2nd year – I joined Facebook and Orkut and now as my 3rd year at college has ended – I joined Blogger.
The name “World Of Estel” may not ring any bell if you haven’t truly known me for some time. Those who have will know that ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ has always been a part of my life and ‘ESTEL’ is actually a word taken from the same. It is the word for ‘HOPE’ in Elvish language as devised by J.R.R.Tolkien.
Anything we do has its roots in some factors – external and internal. To start off with the external ones first comes “knowledge” – we can’t do a thing about which we have no knowledge, then comes “guidance” – it uses the knowledge you have and lets it flow in proper channels and then comes “creativity” – a virtue inspired by being in an environment of proper knowledge and guidance. The first internal factor is “instinct” – which seeks no logical explanation but lets you think about a possibility, the second one is “idea” – a direct result of all the external factors which sheds light on every possible way and the associated probabilities. The third and, I think, the most important factor is “hope”. That is the single and final factor which lets you believe that YOU CAN. It is different from “expectation” in a way that expectation lets you believe that YOU WILL, and so if you fail along the way, disappointment becomes your companion. Whereas hope lets you try out other probable ways of getting there.
Many will vary with my opinion here. But I have learnt my lessons and I like to hope than expect.
If you aren’t already bored by this time you may want to know about the “Silent Rebel” stuff. Well it is what it is – A SILENT REBEL. arr arr! I am personally one as I DO NOT follow many well placed, worn out, stupid, orthodox ideas and rules in life and society. Specially those which people expect me to follow or force me to do so. The reason? I wanna prove to myself that I CAN live the same way as others do without unnecessarily chaining myself down and also show the fools who force them upon me that they can mind their own business! But as I don’t force MY views upon them like they do, this rebel prefers silence to tackle the situation. It is a quality which I hope to possess at all crucial points in my life.
Hmm…I think its enough to clear out the questions regarding this blog.
As for whether I will be really blogging or this is just a fluke! Well I will. Where else can I let people willingly bore themselves by reading big boring paragraphs like the ones above huh? (this is a very big incentive)
So…cya later ppl.


  1. silent rebel of one hope incarnate..

  2. welcome to bengal, the land of silent rebels.

  3. Hmm..Silent rebel..dat rings a bell..

  4. The above comment doesnt make sense..I wrote it just to make it gr8 work on the blog..waiting for more posts to come..